Tuesday, 14 November 2017

WALT: Write a moment in time using your imagination

I promise it is not what it looks like because that day I was on guard. I had that snowball so I could kill anybody who came too close. That day a stupid fox came too close so, BANG!!!!! I smashed the snowball at the the fox at the speed of light. “Insta-kill!” I shouted.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

WALT: Make your own BFG Dream

I made this project because it was Roald Dahl's birthday on 13th September and to remember him, we did this task.

Monday, 25 September 2017

WALT: Describe a moment in time #3

The Day of Mysteries

Once, on a gloomy day, the eerie sounds filled with the nocturnal life in the spooky forest. The aging bridge snuggles with it’s trusty blanket to keep it warm. Sneaky as a meerkat, the snow patiently waits, like a tiger, finding it’s chance to attack the innocent arched structure. It’s only defence was the stingy stream, washing away the mischievous snow.

An uncertain fox wanders of, howling terrifyingly on the annoyed bridge. The irritating snow hiked too close to the faithful, bearing river and plunged to its death. Naughty, youthful fish splashed and swayed mischievously producing a painful ripple that the strict river would punish them for. The sleepy bridge cuddled its cozy, cuddly blanket soothingly and peacefully. On a windy day, the chatting naked trees’ limitless and boring conversations were transported by their friendly and cheerful servant, the aging wind.

As I near the haunted community, a gut feeling of horror builds up in my compressing stomach. Waves of a panic attack envelope me. The naked trees worry like a parent cares for their child. That was the last of me.

Well done Ali Zain, I like the way you included lots of different types of descriptive language. Next time try to use some more adjectives.

Good job, Great job ,Awesome job. I liked how you used lots of personification. You really gave me the effect of me being there.


Monday, 11 September 2017

WALT: Describe a moment in time #2

Look at the 4 images.. Choose one, imagine you are there in the moment. Describe what you see, think and feel. Give your writing a title. Delete the images and sentence starters you don’t use. Remember to use the Success Criteria to help you.

WALT Describe a moment in time
  • Present tense
  • Describe what you think, see and feel
  • First person - I, we, my,
  • Descriptive language - adjectives, verbs, similes, metaphors
  • Range of sentence starters
Disaster to Fortune
“Look out” I yell as my friends and I run for cover. Swish Swish Swish The blades from the helicopter swirl like a whirlpool. I anxiously glance at the monstrous beasts with a fleet of killing machines. Enveloping me are a mist of molecules. With an exhausted grunt, I wake up to see a caring pair of hands including a soft, fluffy cushion made of the best cloth I know. The caring nurse tightly hugs me with a gentle kiss. She opens her mouth to speak and… she is blabbering nonsense! A confused face covers me. That very moment I notice… she saves lots of lives!!!

Thursday, 7 September 2017

WALT: Describe a moment in time #1

WALT Describe a moment in time
  • Present tense
  • Describe what you think, see and feel
  • First person - I, we, my,
  • Descriptive language - adjectives, verbs, similes,
  • Range of sentence starters

On my way to work

As I stand on the pavement waiting for the crossing light to change a deep rumbling sound nears me. “Come on, come on…” I desperately mutter while I wait for the lively, colourful lights to change from blood red to emerald green. I tremble as the stomping nears me. “ Hi there” speaks a rumbling, gruff voice. A shiver runs down my spine. “ Hhii tthheerree” I nervously look up to see a ferocious YETI! I yell as loud as possible but my voice seems to drown away in the hustle and bustle of the city. Cling, the signal finally turns grass green. I release a sigh of relief.

Dev: Great use of descriptive language and Present Tense Ali Zain, Next step is to use a range of sentence starters.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

WALT: Write a mysterious object narrative

The TV of Shock

Joseph loved to watch TV. The house never had any candy sweets or any other treats. The only thing visible was… TV, TV and TV. Joseph was a TV lover. No homework, no school, no talking, no friends, nothing. The only thing that he did was watching TV forever and ever.

Joseph’s favourite TV was the biggest one they had. It had an unusual logo on it. It didn’t even arrive with a remote! Joseph eventually worked out the problem and realised it was voice controlled. Soon after dinner, Joseph was enraged and demanded the TV to turn on. No reaction. Still no answer. This time Joseph shouted so ear-piercingly loud, it shook the world. It definitely turned on this time, but something else happened with it.

Whirzzzz. The TV shuddered and shook with menacing sounds. Joseph screeched with horror as the TV sucked him up like a vacuum cleaner. The world became all fuzzy like candy floss. The first thing he saw was a huge blob of water. The vacuum finally stopped, but it didn’t stop Joseph. Joseph was flung like a cannonball to the huge droplet. The innocent child smashed into the enormous ball of water. The droplet didn’t even twitch a millimetre. But Joseph wasn’t satisfied. Joseph’s legs were sore and this head was spinning. The only thing he could understand was that he was sucked into the TV. He was getting worried. He was stuck!

Joseph panicked but he knew that it was no use. This world was full of all sorts of TV channels including National Geographic, Newshub, One News, Sky TV and a million others. As he walked around, He glanced at a continent's worth of TV people (a mixture of human and TV)  just typing into their faces! Joseph had no option but to see what TV looked like the one he owned. He strolled around and approached a TV city! Joseph verified if he was dreaming. He had a swift glance and spotted fortune. The same big, odd TV was right beside him. He held his breath and pounced in.

Joseph felt that familiar suck and exclaimed with horror as the device sucked him up like a vacuum cleaner. The world became all fuzzy like candy floss. Joseph glanced at something familiar. It was his TV room! Joseph swam like an oversized fish to the blurry image. An even stronger tug pushed him like a geyser was underneath his feet. As every moment passed, Joseph neared the desperate location as if he was an arrow shot by a bow. He flew through the image like a supersonic jet breaks the sound barrier. Joseph, relieved by the safe entry, finally sits down on his couch deep in thought. The next day, the movers came. “ What are you doing here?” asked Joseph. “ Oh, I delivered the incorrect TV. I’ll transport the right one in a second” responded the mover in a gruff voice. “Oh?” Joseph muttered to himself.